Former Members

Graduate Students 

Ph.D., 2021 Rishi Agarwal Post Doc at Stanford, Kanan Lab
Ph.D., 2021 Gannon Connor ClearView Healthcare Partners
Ph.D., 2020 Daniel Martin Lam Research
Ph.D., 2020 Stephanie Laga L’Oréal
Ph.D., 2020 Catherine Wise National Academy of Sciences
Ph.D., 2020 Brian Koronkiewicz Post Doc at Princeton, Knowles Group
Ph.D., 2019 Jennifer Peper Data analyst, Vertafore
Ph.D., 2019 Janelle Lora Consultant at Clarion Healthcare
Ph.D., 2019 Julia Darcy Triad Growth Partners, AxNano
Ph.D., 2019 Scott Kolmar Post Doc at UNC-CH, Miller Lab
Ph.D., 2018 Michael Pegis Post Doc at MIT, Surendranath lab
Ph.D., 2015 Carolyn Valdez Intel
Ph.D., 2015 Miles Braten Post Doc at LBNL
Ph.D., 2013 Thomas Porter Post Doc with Jean-Michel Saveant
Ph.D., 2013 David Lao Post Doc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ph.D., 2013 Shoshanna Barnett Post Doc with Melanie Sanford
Ph.D., 2012 Tristan Tronic Intel
Ph.D., 2011 Rebecca Hayoun Analyst, Lake Partners Strategy Consultants (Seattle)
Ph.D., 2010 Lisa Park-Gehrke Patent Examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Ph.D., 2010 Jeff Warren Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Ph.D., 2009 Chris Waidmann Post Doc at Los Alamos Nat’l Labs
Ph.D., 2009 Jessica Hoover  Assistant professor at WVU
Ph.D., 2009 Virginia Manner  Post Doc at Los Alamos Nat’l Labs
Ph.D., 2009 Todd Markle Post Doc with Prof. Leif Hammarström at Uppsala University (Sweden)
Ph.D., 2008 Adam Wu  
Ph.D., 2007 Elizabeth Mader Post Doc at Argonne Nat’l Labs
Ph.D., 2006 Antonio G. DiPasquale X-ray Crystallographer at UC Berkeley
Ph.D., 2004 Ahmad Dehestani BASF
Ph.D., 2003 Jake Soper Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech
Ph.D., 2002 Jasmine Bryant Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, UW
Ph.D., 2000 Justine Roth Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D., 1998 Thomas J. Crevier Microsoft
Ph.D., 1997 Darin DuMez  
Ph.D., 1996 Kimberly Gardner Associate Professor, US Air Force Academy
Ph.D., 1995 Sam Tahmassebi Registered patent attorney at Tech Law LLP
Ph.D., 1994 Seth Brown Associate Professor, Notre Dame
Ph.D., 1994 Gerald Cook FBI Special Agent
Ph.D., 1993 Keith Hall  
Ph.D., 1992 Diana Over Associate Professor at Université René Descartes, Paris
Ph.D., 1992 Lauren Atagi Hall  
Ph.D., 1991 Rebecca Conry Associate Professor of Chemistry, Colby College, ME
Ph.D., 1989 Esther (Valencia) Spaltenstein Registered patent attorney in NC
Ph.D., 1988 Jeffrey C. Bryan Associate Professor and Program Director of Nuclear Medicine Technology at University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
Ph.D., 1987 Torsten Erikson  
Ph.D., 1986 Fu-Min Su Chief Radio-Chemist and Safety Officer by Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation, WA
M.S., 2007 Karine Valliant-Saunders Beneroya Research Institute, Seattle
M.S., 2004 Teresa McBride  
M.S., 2003 Eric Carter EcoLab, Inc, Seattle
M.S., 2003 Erik Saganic Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, Seattle
M.S., 2003 Emily Gussenhoven Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy, MD
M.S., 1999 Matt Farrow  
M.S., 1997 Teresa Blubaugh Independent Associate with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc
M.S., 1997 Andrea Collier  
M.S., 1996 Brenda Woodward  
M.S., 1996 Linda Kuehnert Chemistry Faculty Member at Shoreline Community College, WA
M.S., 1988 Soonhee Jang Patent attorney for Eli Lilly and Company

Post Docs (alphabetical)

1991-1992 Dr. Jeffery Arterburn Professor of Chemistry at New Mexico State University
2002-2004 Dr. Brian Bales GE Global Research Center, NY
1997-2001 Dr. Brian Bennett Chief, Aerosol Branch Life Sciences, US Army Dugway Proving Ground, UT
2011-2013 Dr. Johanna Blacquiere Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
2014-2016 Dr. Miriam Bowring Assistant Professor at Reed College
2018-2020 Dr. Anna Brezny Assistant Professor, Skidmore College
2009-2011 Dr. Colin Carver Intel
2009-2010 Dr. Mauricio Cattaneo Assistant Researcher, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina
2009 Dr. Brian Cochran Post-Doctoral Researcher in the lab of Tom Rovis at Colorado State University
2014-2017 Dr. Delina Damatov  
2017-2020 Dr. Murielle Delley Assistant Professor, University of Basel
2010-2012 Dr. Alex Fox  
2003-2005 Dr. Mira Kanzelberger Chemistry Faculty Member at Shoreline Community College, WA
1990-1991 Dr. Abdul Lachgar Professor of Chemistry, Wake Forrest University, NC
2008-2010 Dr. Mike Lanci Research Associate, Corporate Strategic Research, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
2001-2003 Dr. Anna Larsen Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Ithaca College, NY
1989-1990 Dr. Doug Linebarrier Lecturer in Chemistry at University of North Carolina, Greensboro
1997-2000 Dr. Mark Lockwood Principal Scientist at Emory University
2014-2016 Dr. Todd Markle  
2003-2004 Dr. Takashi Matsuo Associate Professor,Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan
2013-2015 Dr. Bradley McKeown Research Scientist at the University of Virginia
1996-1998 Dr. W. Steven McNeil Assistant Professor at UBC Okanagan, BC
2011-2012 Dr. Alex Miller Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill
2007 Dr. Soushi Miyazaki Postdoc with Prof. Dan Stack, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2014-2016 Dr. Wesley Morris Intel
1995-1996 Dr. Andy Myers TDA Research, Inc., CO
2018-2020 Dr. Eva Nichols Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
2005-2007 Dr. Takao Osako Assistant Professor at the Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan
2002-2005 Dr. Ian Rhile Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Albright College, PA
1999-2000 Dr. Gordon Rice Research Project Leader at Cabot Corporation, NM
2012-2014 Dr. Carlos Rodriguez del Rio  
2014-2015 Dr. Mitsuhashi Ryoji Assistant Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University
2010-2013 Dr. Caroline Saouma Assistant Professor, The University of Utah
2010-2012 Dr. Joel Schrauben Post doc at Nrel
2010-2011 Dr. Adam Tenderholt Scientist, Target Discovery, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
2014-2015 Dr. Chih Chin Tsou  
1995-1996 Dr. Kun Wang Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering, NJ
2012-2014 Dr. Derek Wasylenko Technical Consultant, Firewater Fuel Corp (Calgary, Alberta)
2004-2005 Dr. Eric Watson Assistant Professor, Seattle University, Seattle, WA
2009 Dr. Kelly Whitaker Post doc at the University of Constance (Germany)
2000-2002 Dr. Jeff Yoder Symyx Technologies, CA